ivy/ivy-ocaml.gitOCaml bindings for the Ivy library4 years
ivy/ivy-c.gitC bindings for the Ivy library16 months
ivy/festivyIvy relay3 years
ivy/fvwmivyrelaya relay between Fvwm2 and an Ivy bus3 years
ivy/irboxIvy driver for infra-red remote controls3 years
ivy/ivy-adaAda bindings for the Ivy library3 years
ivy/ivy-cplusplusC++ bindings for the Ivy library3 years
ivy/ivy-csharpC# bindings for the Ivy library3 years
ivy/ivy-inventorcoind3d / Ivy connector3 years
ivy/ivy-javaJava bindings for the Ivy library24 months
ivy/ivy-league[no description]3 years
ivy/ivy-perlPerl bindings for the Ivy library3 years
ivy/ivy-pythonPython bindings for the Ivy library
ivy/ivy-rubyRuby bindings for the Ivy library3 years
ivy/ivy-xchat-pluginIvy plugin for the xchat IRC client3 years
ivy/ivybanner[no description]3 years
ivy/ivycontrolpanel[no description]3 years
ivy/ivycpy-vinit[no description]3 years
ivy/ivycpy[no description]3 years
ivy/ivyd[no description]3 years
ivy/ivylaunch[no description]3 years
ivy/ivymon[no description]3 years
ivy/ivypointer[no description]3 years
ivy/transduct[no description]2 years
ivy/xinput-ivy[no description]3 years
ivy/xinput2-ivy[no description]18 months
amilisamilis3 years
tkzincTkzinc20 months
mtcmtc mtools3 years
GNU Radio Companion
spectrum_analyserDiagrammes de flux et code d'un analyseur de spectre à balayage7 weeks
argazePython gaze analysis software library4 months